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Young Renewi


Our people are our most important asset, and our young people bring new ideas, energy and passion to our business. At Renewi we want to capture this enthusiasm and ensure that all our young people have a voice.

Investing in our young colleagues is crucial to our success, and our Young Renewi programme aims to engage and inspire future generations throughout the organisation.

Young Renewi is a community of highly-involved younger Renewi employees. Launched at the end of 2017 in our Netherlands operations, it now includes over 100 members from Renewi Commercial Netherlands, Specialities, Mineralz & Water and Renewi Group.

“Young Renewi is a great opportunity for young professionals to exchange knowledge, experiences and learn from each other. It completely matches our value about being together, because we keep in touch and work across all boundaries. Every three months we do a site visit to learn in detail about what goes on in different areas of the business. We also have access to an external online learning platform, and informational calls with Executive Committee members via Skype,” explains Alex de Waal, Corporate Communications Executive and member of Young Renewi.

Young Renewi encourages active participation through brainstorming sessions and meetings on key issues, motivating and keeping young employees engaged. It also is a key tool for promoting Renewi’s employer brand and attracting future employees.

A recent sustainability survey among Young Renewi members highlighted six areas that the members have presented to the Executive Committee for development: paperless office, annual Renewi trashwalk, communicating sustainable efforts, collecting valuable materials, using ‘waste-to-product’ internally, and food waste circularity.