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Route optimisation


Ideas that drive sustainable growth and preserve the planet are crucial. By focusing on our waste collection truck routes this year, we’ve reduced our environmental footprint and delivered cost savings.

Since our merger, we have identified significant areas of logistics overlap and there are some clear opportunities to reduce our fleet size and improve our environmental impact.

Key to this approach was rationalising the waste collection trucks operated by both businesses. “In Belgium, we operate the largest truck fleet in the country. We wanted to reduce the number of trucks the two legacy companies ran every day to our customers,” explains Veronique Delanote, Environment & Quality Expert at Renewi’s Commercial Belgium division.

By optimising and integrating the routes, each route will be served by only one Renewi truck. The Belgian operations expect to reduce trucks on the road, reducing mileage and delivering fuel savings. “By reducing the number of trucks on the roads, we will also be helping to make the communities where we work quieter, cleaner, safer places to live,” Veronique adds.

In addition to route optimisation, we are replacing older trucks with new vehicles, making our truck fleet more sustainable with lower emissions. “Our integration involves much more than the delivery of cost synergies: by reducing the size of our fleet and investing in more sustainable trucks, we are significantly reducing our carbon emissions and our impact on the environment,” says Veronique.